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Because you need to create a safe, relaxing and informative environment for your participants. 

You will need a foundational understanding of the purpose and method of Yin Yoga. Looking more deeply, however, we see that the unique nature of this subtle practice presents teachers with an opportunity to skillfully guide students through potent and potentially transformative experiences. Training in how to do so with awareness and compassion is key to developing appropriate capabilities as a teacher.

In weaving together insight and experience from a decade of mindfulness training, holistic and ayurvedic training, and energetic anatomy of the subtle body, I offer the participants a well rounded approach to leading mindful, successful Yin Yoga classes. This training, open to teachers as well as dedicated practitioners, explores the following:​

Philosophy of Yin Yoga   ~    Chi & Meridians   ~  Interoception & Proprioception    ~     Fascia research & Anatomy ~ Skillful use of equipment  ~  Sequencing & Teaching   ~   Shape Analysis ~  Support Network    ~    Tension vs. Compression ~ Feedback

and so much more! 


  • Deepen their practice and understanding of yoga.

  • Explore the physical, mental and energetic benefits of yin yoga.

  • Learn how to cue safe yin shapes, their benefits, the appropriate use of props and the art of remaining in and leaving the shape.

  • Understand the impact of pranayama (breath work), meditation and it's practice.

  • 200 hour teachers will be certified as part of their professional development. Passionate practitioners are    also welcome to attend, as to deepen their understanding of Yin Yoga.

  • As a student you will learn how to create sequences to cultivate an enriched home practice. As a teacher you will learn how to create sequences that both safely and effectively guide yoga students into a yin practice. 

  • Receive a certification for completing 40 hour of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education (YACEP).


  1. Apply ~ to send you the application form, please click here.

  2. Get accepted ~ after completing the application, I will contact you to confirm or decline your application to the training. 

  3. Pay your deposit ~ Once being accepted, you must confirm your spot by paying the $250 non-refundable deposit within 5 days. (Please ask about flexible payment plans).

  4. Receive further details and instructions.

  5. Show up and enjoy the journey! 


All Yin Yoga Trainings with me are registered and accredited for CE points with Yoga Alliance (link here, BC, Canada&name=yin)



"Nicole’s Yin course curriculum is well thought out, back up with current research

and science documents. Her ability to adapt movement to match the structure or

movement pattern for all individuals is exceptional. I have know her for many

years and it is inspiring to see that she continues to be open minded in her teaching

methods and delivery model. Her ability to articulate thoughts, and navigate

students through a practice that is often emotional and spiritual is beyond

exceptional. After leaving the course I simply felt that there is opportunity to

continue to explore this very unique practice and if time warrants I will jump into

another chance to train with her. I would have happily paid above $1200 for this course. Nicole brings in her education, experience and other research from her own peers and mentors. The adaptions to movement and her over 10 years of knowledge and experience is shared." Tracey Gall E-RYT200, CSEP-CPT, AFLCA Trainer.

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