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What others say about me

"As a hot yoga instructor, I continuously seek learning opportunities to increase my knowledge about anatomy, physical benefits of various yoga practices and learning more about the origins of this ancient and wonderful practice for health and well-bing. I also enjoy developing new skills to incorporate into my own and my students' yoga practices.

Last month, I attended a yoga clinic with Nicole Schulz at the Yoga Loft in Colwood, where Nicole focused on the five Bandhas (locks) in our bodies - how to locate and activate them to support and improve our physical posture and how to "lock" the flow of energy (prana) while we practice. WOW! what an amazingly and fruitful 3 hours!!!  I learned so much in a very short amount of time and I was able to incorporate these new skills into my hot yoga practice immediately!  

What I truly enjoyed about Nicole's clinic was her ability to connect with us, speak plainly and clearly and allowing an open learning environment where we could ask questions, discuss our concerns, and receive gentle hands-on adjustments. I was able to "feel" the difference in my asanas, once I learned to engage these bandhas/locks...! The results were amazing - harnessing my energy I did create stability and developed more strength in my postures.


Thank you, Nicole, for enhancing my yoga practice!  I will look forward to attending more posture clinics with you in the future. Carole Gosse, Victoria B.C.

"The feeling following a class with Nicole is difficult if not impossible to fully describe in words, one must experience a practice first hand to fully appreciate the range of benefits. Nicole’s pure joyous energy and humble spirit are both infectious and empowering and lead you through even the most challenging postures with a smile in your heart. I feel blessed that our paths have intersected and allowed me to practice under the guidance of such a competent, generous and selflessly encouraging soul.  After a short period of practicing the body balance/ body flow class (Tai chi, Yoga and Pilates) there was an incredible improvement in strength, balance and all around spiritual well being. Continuing this practice has brought harmony, balance and optimism into life unlike any other sport or workout regime ever could. Having practiced under many teachers, even some who have written books on this subject, my preference would always be to practice under Nicole’s guidance.  
Her continued commitment to education and self improvement and keenness to incorporate this into her teachings is to the benefit of both yogi and teacher alike."James P.
"In January 2013, I entered my first ever hot yoga class with some skepticism and trepidation. Nicole taught that class, and due to that first experience, I am still attending, even hunting down studios in any town I am visiting. I can say that I fully believe in the many emotional and physical benefits of regular practice. Nicole has a personal style that draws people to her. She is clearly an expert practitioner but, most importantly, you can tell that she is congruent - she really lives the yoga practice in her personal life. She has the ability to meet people where they are at in life, gearing practice to where the individual is at. I have seen Nicole lead classes with people from varying backgrounds, body types, and fitness levels and is able to reach everyone in the class so that each one derives the most benefit. She has a calming presence and a mellifulous voice that makes anyone feel comfortable. I always leave her class feeling calm and relaxed yet my muscles tell me they just had a supreme workout without even realizing it! The strength gained has transferred to other athletic pursuits and life goals. I would strongly recommend Nicole for yoga practice." Debbie A.
"The center of a successful company is a healthy compassionate heart. When companies support mindfulness in their employees, it changes the way they interact with each other, with clients and with the community.  Yoga helps us practice mindfulness and creates positive work environments. I started attending yoga classes at work over my lunch break.  After the very first class, I noticed how I felt calm and more centered.  I highly recommend corporate yoga as a way to improve your employees’ overall wellness and performance in the workplace." Shauna P.

"Nicole was an excellent student in the SOYA Yoga Teacher Training (RYS200) and worked hard to fulfill every assignment to the highest of standards! Since her certification we have invited Nicole as a guest teacher for our SOYA Teacher Training. Her yoga teaching is filled with confidence and skill, and her personality is delightful! She truly teaches from her heart! Nicole is a complete pleasure to work with and someone I hope to know for a very long time!"

Marion (Mugs) McConnell, ERYT500, SOYA, IYTA, SYVCA, YAA
Director South Okanagan Yoga Academy, International Yoga Teachers' Assoc (Cdn Rep)

"Nicole started providing us yoga in the workplace in the fall of 2013 as an HR initiative to promote wellness to our office staff.  Nicole is very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain the poses and how they will help our bodies but also focuses on our needs and adapts to the group.  That being said however she does challenge us and had us doing handstands in a matter of months!

We have one individual in our group that prior to yoga being offered in the workplace had back spasms which cause her to be absent at times, since beginning yoga she has had no back issues for the past year!  Having Nicole come to us allows not only the convenience to maximize our lunch hour but is a great mental break from our daily stresses.  
As a HR Manager I look for ways to promote wellness in the workplace and must say that having Nicole come to us during our lunch hour has been a successful wellness initiative. I strongly recommend Nicole to assist with meeting your wellness needs in the workplace!" Nicki Dalton, HR Manager

"Nicole’s radiance shines from the inside out and is completely infectious. She truly teaches from the heart and you cannot help but leave her class feeling uplifted and connected to the peaceful loving energy that surrounds us all. She teaches with authenticity, integrity and originality. While most frequently inspiring grace and inner-peace, Nicole’s ability to challenge you mentally and physically to your deepest edge is just as evident when taking any of her Yang style classes. You’ll leave any of Nicole’s classes feeling refreshed, recharged and empowered to take on whatever joys or challenges life brings your way. I'm so grateful to be around her calming, loving and inspiring energy."

Crystal D.

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